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The Math is easy... Even worse case, say you only make 10% on a deal:

The average price of a foreclosure in todays market = $130,000.
Say worse case (you over estimate the value of the home or you under estimate your expenses.) you only net a 10% return, which is $13,000.

If having 24 hour access to this data allowed you the TIME to get just 1 extra deal a YEAR, even if it only had a 10% net return, the site will have paid for itself for the next 8.5 years. That's just 1 extra "OK" deal in an entire YEAR, not a month.

All without the hassle of endless hours of either going to the courthouse or researching the data on your own. Wouldn't your time be better spent going to see potential investments instead of researching data?

So the question is: How do you want to use your valuable time?

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